Emacs-P4 Integration Page

We would like to thank Sourceforge.net for graciously providing the Emacs-P4 library a home on the Internet.

Perforce is an SCM System that integrates very well with Emacs and XEmacs.

p4.el is an Emacs-Lisp Library that can be used with Emacs or XEmacs.

We would like to thank the many people who have been involved in creating and improving p4.el. Without their help, this package would not be what it is today.

The files are now released under the Sourceforge Release System

A helpful guide to p4.el is available here, thanks to our users.

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Maintainer: Rajesh Vaidheeswarran (remove the no.spam from my address to email me)

P4.el project page on Sourceforge.net

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